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Directory Opus plugins

Directory Opus is a file manager for Windows. It includes thumbnail support and allows viewing various file formats within the program. The number of supported formats can be extended through a plugin system.

Universal Graphics Viewer (UGV) plugin

This plugin utilises the excellent GFL graphics library to provide support for 161 formats (including HDR. NOTE: some formats are already supported by Opus). It supports thumbnails, the Viewer/Viewer Pane, and conversion from any of the supported formats.

This is an early beta release, but it shouldn't have any major issues. We hope to add support for EXR in the near future. Most of the testing has been performed on Windows 7 64-bit with Opus 10 64-bit, so there may be the odd issue with the 32-bit version.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact via e-mail (see Contact Us link at top right) or forum (forum will be up in the near future). This plugin is free for everyone, but please consider making a donation if you find it useful.


You can download from here


To install, just extract the contents of the ZIP archive to the Directory Opus program folder (usually C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\).

Supported File Extensions

.3fr; .ai; .alias; .als; .ani; .apng; .apx; .arw; .bay; .bga; .blk; .bm; .bmp; .bpx; .bw; .cal; .cals; .cam; .ch; .cin; .cit; .clo; .cloe; .clp; .cmt; .cr2; .crw; .cs1; .ct; .cur; .cursor; .dcr; .dcx; .dds; .dib; .dis; .dng; .dpx; .ei; .eidi; .emf; .emz; .epi; .eps; .ept; .erf; .fff; .flc; .fli; .fx3; .fxd; .fxm; .fxo; .fxr; .fxs; .g3n; .gbr; .gif; .giff; .gp4; .grey; .gry; .hdr; .hdri; .ia; .icl; .icns; .ico; .icon; .iff; .ilbm; .img; .int; .inta; .iris; .itg; .ivb; .j; .j6i; .jbf; .jbr; .jfif; .jif; .jpe; .jpeg; .jpg; .k25; .kdc; .kqp; .kro; .lbm; .lff; .mbm; .mef; .mif; .miff; .mil; .mng; .mos; .mrw; .msk; .mtv; .nef; .nrw; .oil; .ols; .orf; .p7; .pat; .pbm; .pcc; .pcd; .pct; .pcx; .pdb; .pdf; .pdx; .pef; .pfr; .pgm; .pic; .picio; .pict; .pict2; .pix; .pixar; .pm; .pmp; .png; .pnm; .ppm; .ppma; .pr; .prc; .prn; .ps; .ps1; .ps2; .ps3; .psd; .psp; .pspbrush; .pspframe; .pspimage; .pspmask; .psptube; .pwp; .pxa; .pxb; .pxr; .pxs; .qrt; .qti; .qtif; .qtl; .raf; .ras; .rast; .raw; .rawraw; .rdc; .rgb; .rgba; .rl4; .rl8; .rla; .rlb; .rle; .rpbm; .rpf; .rpgm; .rpnm; .rppm; .rs; .rsb; .rsrc; .rw2; .rwl; .scr; .sct; .sfw; .sgi; .si; .sj1; .sr; .sr2; .srf; .sti; .sun; .suniff; .syn; .synu; .sys; .taac; .targa; .tdi; .tdim; .tex; .tga; .tif; .tiff; .tim; .tm2; .tub; .txc; .urt; .uyvy; .vff; .vga; .vpb; .vst; .wap; .wbm; .wbmp; .wfx; .wmf; .wmz; .x11; .x3f; .xbm; .xcf; .xpm; .xwd; .yuv

Supported Formats

AVT RAW (.raw)
Ability Photopaint Image (.apx)
Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
Alias Image File (.pix;.als;.alias)
Amiga IFF (.iff;.blk)
Autodesk Animator (.fli;.flc)
Bio-Rad confocal (.pic)
CALS Raster (.cal;.cals;.gp4;.mil)
Camera RAW (.raw)
Canon EOS-1D Mark II RAW (.cr2)
Canon PowerShot (.crw)
Casio QV-10/100 Camera (.cam)
Casio RAW (.bay;.raw)
Chinon ES-1000 digital camera (.cmt)
Cloe Ray-Tracer (.clo;.cloe)
CompuServe GIF (.gif;.giff)
Contax RAW (.bay;.raw)
Creative PC-CAM RAW (.bay;.raw)
DKB Ray-Tracer (.dis)
DNG (.dng)
DPX (.dpx)
Deluxe Paint, Electronic Arts (.lbm;.ilbm)
Digital F/X (.tdim)
Direct Draw Surface (.dds)
EPS Interchange Format (.epi;.ept)
Electric Image (.ei;.eidi)
Encapsulated Postscript(Preview) (.eps)
Encapsulated Postscript (.ps;.eps)
Epson RAW (.erf)
Explore (TDI) & Maya (.iff;.tdi)
Foculus RAW (.bay;.raw)
Fugawi Map (.fx3)
Fuji S2 RAW (.raf)
Gimp Bitmap (.xcf)
Gimp Brush (.gbr)
Gimp Icon (.ico)
Gimp Pattern (.pat)
HDRI (.hdr;.hdri)
Hasselblad RAW (.3fr)
Icon Library (.icl)
Imacon/Hasselblad RAW (.fff)
Image Magick file (.mif;.miff)
Imaging Fax (.g3n)
Intergraph Format (.itg;.cit;.rle)
JPEG / JFIF (.jpg;.jpeg;.jif;.jfif;.j;.jpe)
JPEG 8BIM header (Mac) (.jpg;.jpeg;.jif;.jfif;.j;.jpe)
Jeff's Image Format (.jif)
Kodak Cineon (.cin)
Kodak DC120 Digital Camera (.kdc)
Kodak DC120 Digital Camera (.kdc)
Kodak DC25 Camera (.k25)
Kodak Photo CD (.pcd)
Kodak Pro Digital RAW (.dcr)
Kolor Raw Format (.kro)
Konica Camera File (.kqp)
Leaf RAW (.mos)
Leica RAW (.bay;.raw)
Leica RAW (.rwl)
LucasFilm Format (.lff)
MTV Ray-Tracer (.mtv)
Mac icon (.icns)
Mac rsrc (.rsrc)
Macintosh Quickdraw/Pict (.pic;.pict;.pict2;.pct)
Mamiya RAW (.mef)
Mayura Draw (.pdx)
Micron RAW (.bay;.raw)
Minolta DiMAGE RAW (.mrw)
Multiple Network Graphics (.mng)
Nikon RAW (.nef)
Nikon RAW (.nrw)
OS/2 Bitmap (.bmp;.bga)
Olympus RAW (.orf)
Olympus Scan (.ols)
Open Image Library Format (.oil)
PS2 TXC (.txc)
PaintShopPro Browser Cache File (.jbf)
PaintShopPro Brush (.jbr)
PaintShopPro Brush (.pspbrush)
PaintShopPro Frame (.pfr;.pspframe)
PaintShopPro Image (.psp;.pspimage)
PaintShopPro Mask (.msk)
PaintShopPro Mask (.pspmask)
PaintShopPro Pattern (.pat)
PaintShopPro Picture Tube (.tub;.psptube)
PaintShopPro Texture (.tex)
Palm Pilot (.pdb)
Panasonic DMC-LC1 RAW (.srf)
Panasonic LX3 RAW (.rw2)
Panasonic RAW (.bay;.raw)
Pegs (.pxs;.pxa)
Pentax *ist D (.pef)
Picture Gear Pocket (.prc)
Pixar picture file (.pic;.pxr;.picio;.pixar)
Pixibox (.pxb)
Portable Bitmap (.pbm;.rpbm;.ppma)
Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Portable Greyscale (.pgm;.rpgm)
Portable Image (.pnm;.rpnm;.pbm;.rpbm;.pgm;.rpgm;.ppm;.rppm)
Portable Network Graphics (.png;.apng)
Portable Pixmap (.ppm;.rppm)
Postscript (.ps;.ps1;.ps2;.ps3;.eps;.prn)
Psion Series 3 Bitmap (.pic)
Psion Series 5 Bitmap (.mbm)
Qrt Ray-Tracer (.qrt)
Quantel VPB (.vpb)
QuickTime Image Format (.qtif;.qti)
Raw (.raw;.gry;.grey)
Raw (.rawraw;.gry;.grey)
Rayshade (.pic)
Red Storm File Format (.rsb)
Ricoh Digital Camera (.j6i)
Rollei RAW (.rdc;.ia)
RoverShot RAW (.bay;.raw)
ST Micro RAW (.bay;.raw)
SciTex Continuous Tone (.sct;.ct;.ch)
Seattle Film Works multi-image (.pwp;.sfw)
Seattle Film Works (.sfw)
Sega SJ-1 DIGIO (.sj1)
Sigma RAW (.x3f)
Silicon Graphics RGB (.rgb;.rgba;.bw;.iris;.sgi;.int;.inta)
Sinar RAW (.cs1;.sti)
Softimage (.pic;.si)
Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot (.pmp)
Sony DSC-F828 RAW (.srf)
Sony PS2 TIM (.tm2)
Sony Playstation TIM (.tim)
Sony RAW (.sr2;.arw)
Sun Icon/Cursor (.icon;.cursor;.ico;.pr)
Sun Rasterfile (.ras;.rast;.sun;.sr;.scr;.rs)
Sun TAAC file (.iff;.vff;.suniff;.taac)
Synthetic Universe (.syn;.synu)
TIFF Revision 6 (.tif;.tim;.tiff)
Truevision Targa (.tga;.targa;.pix;.bpx;.ivb)
Utah raster image (.rle;.urt)
Vista (.vst)
Vivid Ray-Tracer (.img)
Wavefront Raster file (.rla;.rlb;.rpf)
WinFAX (.fxs;.fxo;.wfx;.fxr;.fxd;.fxm)
Windows & Aldus Metafile (.wmf)
Windows Animated Cursor (.ani)
Windows Bitmap (.bmp;.rle;.vga;.rl4;.rl8;.sys)
Windows Clipboard (.clp)
Windows Comp. Enhanced Metafile (.emz)
Windows Compressed Metafile (.wmz)
Windows Cursor (.cur)
Windows DIB (.dib)
Windows Enhanced Metafile (.emf)
Windows Icon (.ico)
Wireless Bitmap (level 0) (.wbmp;.wbm;.wap)
X Windows System dump (.xwd;.x11)
X11 Bitmap (.xbm;.bm)
X11 Pixmap (.xpm;.pm)
XV Visual Schnauzer (.p7)
YUV 16Bits Interleaved (.yuv;.qtl;.uyvy)
YUV 16Bits (.yuv;.qtl;.uyvy)
YUV 4:1:1 (.yuv;.qtl)
YUV 4:2:2 (.yuv;.qtl)
YUV 4:4:4 (.yuv;.qtl)
Zsoft Multi-page Paintbrush (.dcx)
Zsoft Publisher's Paintbrush (.pcx;.pcc;.dcx)